Runners Paradise (RP) Maui, has been around since 2005 as a Running/Sports Event Management and Marketing Company that manages and directs close to 10 events on the island of Maui.  RP has been a major player within the Maui Community, bringing in new and exciting running and extreme events, which ranges from 5k’s to marathons, haunted events, obstacles runs, corporate events and youth events.  There are many events throughout the year that RP holds, and you can be a part of them.  With your yearly membership to RP, you will gain access and receive some great benefits that are well worth the membership fee.

*Event discounts throughout the year

*Runners Paradise T’shirt

*Free seminars hosted by Runners Paradise

*Special Early Bird dates to sign up for events, exclusive to you

*Special newsletters, with event info, nutrition, running workouts, special interviews from local and national runners, injury prevention, and more 

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