Timing Services

Runners Paradise is proud to offer timing services for your private or corporate event.  Whether it’s for a small 5k to a Marathon, Runners Paradise has one of the new state of the art timing systems around, Innovative Timing Systems(Jaguar Platinum).
Jaguar Platinum is the ultimate in sports timing systems. It is easily transportable, has long battery life, and is an incredibly versatile system for all your timing needs.  A very easy to use system that makes it easier to time, get quick results, and manage.  NO MORE MATS.   Everything is done by state of the art antennas placed at the start and finish line that captures everyone participating.  Chips are placed on the bibs and all readings are from the antennas.
Jaguar is the only timing system that has 100% read redundancy combined with real-time triangulation technology for unmatched accuracy. Our systems provide overhead antennas that actively ‘look’ for chips, engage the chip and follow that athlete’s chip to the finish line.
Think about it. An extremely accurate and flexible system that actively follows a participant to their goal – that is a clear advantage.
If you are looking for your event to be timed, please call 808-280-5801.   Great for cross country, 5k races thru marathons, mud runs, obstacle runs and more.  Call today and get more info and a quote!!!!


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