Runners Paradise Inc. offers personal training in a variety of areas of desired fitness.   The following are areas of training that RP will offer to its clients.  

Run Training Options

*Speed Training for various sports

Looking to increase your speed or your childs speed for a specific sport?  RP can help with increasing your speed for various sports.

*Track & Field training

Looking for youth track and field training or do you want to continue your track and field career as an Open or Masters athlete?  RP has a year around program to help you meet you or your childs goals.  Opportunities to compete on Maui, outer islands and mainland.

*Distance training(5k/10k/half marathon/marathon)

In order to get faster in distance running, you just don’t go out and run distance forever and expect you will get faster.   You have to hit the track or do some type of speed training to get this accomplished.   Whether you want to get better in the marathon or a 5k, speed kills.

Group Distance Training

A qualified Runners Paradise Inc. staff member will host these group training days and will work on the following areas:   proper running mechanics, breathing, speed endurance training, strength endurance training, and speed.   You will get to know you and your body and how to get faster with a program that will made just for you.   The great thing is that you will be in a group with others who share your desire to get faster.   STOP RUNNING ALONE AND GUESSING ON HOW TO GET FASTER.   We will help you and it will show on race day!!!!!!   Start The New Year off right!!!!

*Weight loss

Are you having a tough time losing weight?  Tired of the meat market gyms and want to truly want to get healthy for you?  RP will help you get to the desired weight and healthy feeling you truly want to achieve.   No gimmicks, no pills, just exercise and teaching you how to manage your eating in a safe and healthy way.

*Military, Police & Fire Department Pre-Recruit Physical Training

Trying to get into the police or fire department or even the military?  RP will get you where you need to be so that your prepared for PT training with any of these organizations.  Safe but intense training that will make sure your ready for test day.


For more information and to sign up, call Rudy @ 280-5801

Run Training Options


***If you have never really run before and would like to learn how to start participate in running events or just to do so for your health, we can help you with that to.   Start the New Year Right!!!!



Run Training Options