Managed Events

Runners Paradise Inc. provides professional management services for all types of running events.  We will handle the organization, insurance, permitting, volunteers, setup, operation, break down, and cleanup of your corporate, private, or fundraising run.  We maintain all the materials necessary to run events of all sizes, up into the many thousands of participants, and have a ready pool of staff who know how to organize and conduct professional running events.

These are just a few of the events we’ve already managed.


In addition to managing your race event from start to finish, Runner’s Paradise can also organize beautiful aerial photos and video of your event for memorabilia and marketing/promotional purposes.

We work with Blue Sky Aerial Solutions (BSAS), the premiere remote aerial photo and video provider in Hawaii.

Having flown at several Maui Marathons as well as many of our other races, BSAS has a great deal of experience with recording running events.  Best of all, they are located on island with their state-of-the-art flight platforms and equipment, so there is no need to import talent.

With a selection of action and cinema-grade cameras to choose from, BSAS is highly recommended to capture a unique view of your corporate event as participants race in paradise.

For more information and pricing, please contact us.