Youth Events


Youth sports is a big part of youth development and growing as a young adult, and has been part of the youth movement for over 100 years.  Sports teaches the youth athlete about ones own body movement and how it relates to sports and transfers it to competition.  Sports teaches the youth athlete about competition, but yet how to develop sportsmanship amongst other youth athletes.  Sports also teach youth athletes to be a team player, independent, a thinker, gives you confidence, and most of all shows you how to have fun while competing. 

The following are areas that we will offer youth athletes for all sports:

*Hawaii Elite Track Team-A youth track team devoted to youth development and competition in the area of track and field. Youth athletes will have the opportunity to learn the basics of track and field and use this knowledge in track competition locally, regionally, and nationally. Youth will be able to join the Hawaii Elite Track Team for a nominal fee of $30 for the year and will receive a shirt. Training fees vary, so please email or call for information.  Many youth athletes who have been through the program, have gone on to compete nationally as a youth athlete, compete in college, and have received scholarships to attend college.

*Training-Youth are able to train for, not only track and field and long distance running, but they also have the opportunity to develop speed for other sports. Whatever your childʼs interest is, Runners Paradise has the training for them. The staff is certified and has extensive knowledge in the areas of speed training, power, agility, distance, mental toughness, mental preparation for sport, nutrition, and core training. Speed training is not just about going out and running fast, but there is a technique that most speed coaches don’t teach.  With over 25 years of coaching experience, your child will learn to get fast for any sport.

*Competition-Youth have the opportunity to compete in the sport of track and field and cross country. Youth will be able to compete locally, regionally, or nationally. Youth will compete in their respective age divisions and will get a chance to see what competition is like in these two disciplines. As a team, we will work on fundraising for events to help cut the costs on travel and other expenses. We expect all youth to do their part to be successful.




For more information, please call or email Coach Rudy at 280-5801 or huber_rudy@yahoo.comYouth_Track