Youth Events

Aloha e Coaches and Friends of Youth XC,


1. Remind your runners that you’ll have their tags and they don’t have to come to the registration table. (This will make it much easier for the UA (unattached runners) to p/u their tags.  Coaches and Assistant coaches pick up tags.

2. Please return the unused pins and tags to me before you leave. I recycle the tags.

3. Please have the your runners pin their tags on the front of their shirt through the end of the tag (not the hole). They are marked “pin here”. This makes it easier for the “pullers” in the chute to tear and string the tags.

4. Remind your runners(especially the young ones) not to play with/tear off their tags before the race. We had quite a few frantic kids & parents rushing the registration table for new tags as they had already torn theirs off.

5.  Tags are as follows:  Yellow K-3th Grade, Blue 4th-6th grade, Red 6th-8th Grade

6.  Coaches will be emailed course maps or you can look on this site.

7.  Kids must stay on course

8.  Parents must stay in designated areas and do not run with kids.

9.  Keep dogs of course!!

10. Clean up any rubbish in your area if bringing snacks of any kind

11.  Teach your kids the slow to fast concept at the beginning of the races.

12.  Host schools need to do results and submit to coaches, Maui News, and me.  Will put them online once received.

13.  Kids can be disqualified from races if they cut course, push another runner down, impede a runner at the finish line, assisted by coaches and or parents and other runners by pushing them physically along the course.  And swearing.

14.  Please remind parents about sportsmanship at the meet and be respectful to all the volunteers.



Aloha e Coaches and Friends of Youth Cross Country,


We’re ready for another Youth Cross Country season.


Once again we will run three divisions by current grade level.  The first race will start at 8:00am except for the Front Street Mile (This will be done by age division)

8:00am                  Grades K-3 – .5 mile

To follow:              Grades 4-5 – 1.0 mile

To follow:              Grades 6-8 – 1.5 miles

Finish times and places will be will be sorted by gender.



All entries should be sent to  Race tags will be generated for each race according these entries.  Race day registration for individual runners is available prior to the race. NOTE: Please keep in mind that this will take time and therefore these runners should arrive no later than 45 minutes prior to race time.  Individual entries will be done in order of arrival.


Deadline for team/school entries:

Monday, August 14th at 6:00pm


How to enter:

Team entries may be done using this link:

2017 Youth Cross Country Sign Up Form


Individual entries may be done at race site.  Please use the same format as in the example in row one.  All questions regarding entries should be sent to Rudy Huber at

Season Schedule:


August 19th @ Kapalua 8am

August 26th @ Seabury Hall- 8:00am

September 2nd @ Central Regional Park in Kahului- 8:00am

9th-Saturday @ Kamehameha Schools Maui – 8:00am

16th-Saturday – Front Street Mile, Lahaina – 9am(5k and 10k start at 7am)

23rd-Saturday – Championship Meet – Kamehameha Schools Maui – 8:00am








In this section, we will devote possible opportunities youth have in the area of running and or sport on Maui. The following are areas that we will offer: *Hawaii Elite Track Team-A youth track team devoted to youth development and competition in the area of track and field. Youth athletes will have the opportunity to learn the basics of track and field and use this knowledge in track competition locally, regionally, and nationally. Youth will be able to join the Hawaii Elite Track Team for a nominal fee of $30 for the year and will receive a shirt. Training fees vary, so please email or call for information. *Training-Youth are able to train for, not only track and field and long distance running, but they also have the opportunity to develop speed for other sports. Whatever your childʼs interest is, Runners Paradise has the training for them. The staff is certified and has extensive knowledge in the areas of speed training, power, agility, distance, mental toughness, mental preparation for sport, nutrition, and core training. *Competition-Youth have the opportunity to compete in the sport of track and field and cross country. Youth will be able to compete locally, regionally, or nationally. Youth will compete in their respective age divisions and will get a chance to see what competition is like in these two disciplines. As a team, we will work on fundraising for events to help cut the costs on travel and other expenses. We expect all youth to do their part. For more information, please call or email Coach Rudy at 280-5801 or rudy @ TRACK AND FIELD/ ADVENTURE CAMP 2014  REGISTER NOW   OR SUMMER TRACK 2014 FORM Youth_Track